Thursday, August 12, 2010

Big J Strikes Back!!!

I know I know...
It's been "ages" since I last updated my blog.
 I'm kinda busy these days as major examinations are
coming... such as the SPM trials.

And my books have no signs of my fingerprints.
 Besides exams, I'm also very frustrated by this one thing...

The picture says it all. 3 months, cut away from civilization to waste 3 months.
And what do I get? RM 450..... ONLY!!!!!
Man, I work part time counting sand also earn more than that lor, ok?
And then because of this don't-know-what-good-does-it-bring program
I have to postpone my plans to study. BULLS**T!!!

I SMSed to check whether I've been chosen or not,
and the reply was
"Taniah, anda merupakan antara rakyat yang malang..."

Of so many "futureless" youngsters out there, why me?
Take some out from the juvenile to fill up the space ler... they'll be happy...
......I'll be happy.

And then there's the scholarship fuss.
As most scholarship application deadline approaches... I have to
submit my application form. The problem is it has to be certified by
my school principle which is nowhere to be found.

And if you notice... I've changed my blog's template... hope it's good enough.
I think I'll stop for now, gotta go give my text books some company.


  1. haha tahniah anda telah terpilih untuk menyertai NS

    hahaha i am so lucky i got off , shhhh

  2. fast already know u are chosen..!!
    The CHOSEN one !!

  3. Congratulations and jubilations to you for getting NS! Do enjoy your moment there! Have fun! XD

  4. hahaha like RONNIE said you are the CHOSEN one

    inside the AK boxes are all baju lol

  5. you're gonna enjoy NS, dont worry (: