Wednesday, July 7, 2010

The Love Triangle... sort of...

People says that love triangles are complicated.
I'm sure a lot of you've been in to one.
Recently some friends of mine have been bugging me about this...
I don't really understand... why are love triangles complicated?? 
OK........let me use an easier way to show you why don't i think it's complicated.

Imagine this...
Two guys namely X and Y, and a girl Z. 
This love triangle thingy, somehow struck them...
now... to solve the problem... 

 The above diagram shows a love tangle between x,y and z...
now... let me start explaining...
To understand the triangle, we use trigonometry...
as we know xz= 4 cm and zy=6 cm...
so to get:

angle a  180'- angle b - angle c
angle b  cos b= adjacent/hypotenuse = 3/4
angle c  tan c= adjacent/hypotenuse = 3/4
See?? It's not that complicated right??

Just use the freakin theory that Pythagoras came up with!!!
After you get the angle... choose the one with the least value!!
Problem solved.. don't you freakin come talk about relationships with Jaerragus.


  1. HAHAH like this also can lol

  2. Visiting here..Nice..luv ur blog style....Anyway My very da very latest 4 today friend.. Dangerous!

  3. errr...m forever famous for brain disorientation and blurry confusion when it comes to..err..Maths? that triangle looks pretty complicated to me...heee..

  4. *urgghhh headache. No more please! please!

  5. i like the lukey waay better. just pick 1 and shoot!

    Dropped by from Lukey's Rantings

  6. Bro, maths fail la, you confuse 4cm and 2cm :P Otherwise, WHERE IS THE LOVE TRIANGLE I WAS PROMISED!!! =_=