Tuesday, March 30, 2010

A weird weird world.

From the eye's of mine.

1) A trailer rammed into a Perodua Viva today.
2) The Mamak Stall "Ah Nea" was so busy 4 brats walk out without paying.
3) Physics teacher was thought by students instead of the other way round.
4) Discovered that beer with durian actually doesn't kill.
5) Found out one of my friends ain't a virgin no more.
6) Paid 5 bucks for something of 3.50 and actually got 7 bucks as change.
7) Almost got robbed by two freakin b***ard!!! Damn!!!
9) Forgot what's number 8.
10) Neighbour celebrated earth hour today...= ='
11) Dad forgot my name for a moment.
12) Sister thought i was a thief when I climbed in the gates. (I forgot to bring the keys)

Turning Red!!!

"She's a simple girl living a simple life. Born in Kuching, Sarawak and currently in a relationship. She's from Chinese and Bidayuh background. She speaks, understands and able to write in English, Malay and Chinese. She also speaks Hokkien, Bidayuh, some Cantonese and Indonesian.19 this year, currently persuing Degree in Petroleum Geoscience in Petronas University of Technology, Tronoh, Perak. A sensitive yet friendly girl. Love smiling, cam whoring, dancing, nature, peace, stars, colours... Hate needles, insects... loves challenges but not a good decision maker. Do not express herself easily through words and actions.Believes that God has plans for all of His children. Trying her best to love, hope and trust everyone and everything around her, and living her life to the fullest."
If you did visit her blog, you'd realized the above 
statement was copied, pasted and modified from her blog.
Like the name, Red Revolution, one would expect a hot,
striking, complicated red colored appearance or interface. 

But it's not, REALLY!!!

Her  blog although with that very "powerful" name,
gives readers a very nice, clean, pleasant approach.
There's no distracting, eye catching, flying here and there
decorations that sometimes spoils the mood of reading.
From her recent post we'll know that she is really determined
to be a Project Alpha TV Star, a very big fan of the project.


Another reason to lower oil price!!!!

Why? We need the money for hospital fees, insurance and funeral........
This actually happened today at a petrol station in Cheras!!!!
Next time check your surroundings before u fuel your car!!!!

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Something's wrong.

First Ashley Cole, yes the football kicking guy who
was suppose to kick his own balls, is fighting "wife",
Cheryl for Chihuahuas. After all dogs are a man's best
friend. Funny, he got that one right, if he could just treat
girls as good... than again, can he??

As rumors has it, Coco and Buster (the two puppies)
have their own driver, "personal" driver, whenever he gets
the chance to be with them.

Not bad for a pet of a sup *cough* "stupidstar".
No offense to his fans, I'm not talking about his skills in football,
I'm referring to his actions.

And second, *takes a deep breath*........
Simon Cowell is getting married. He's tying the knot with his
girlfriend Mezhgan Hussainy somewhere in September, 
maybe 11/12. The ceremony would most likely be at his 
mom's place in East Sussex. And the downside for the girl...
no honeymoon due to the American Idol Judge's hectic schedule.

And after the judge decides to get married... the 
contestant went home. Lacey Brown bid farewell to the stage. Actually the judges could have saved her with their one season save vote. But then they decided to save it for a more worthy loser. The red head sang Ruby Tuesday that very night she got, well, kicked out...

Monday, March 22, 2010

6.2 million dollars just to make this advertisement!!
No graphics used with 606 takes and retakes.
Why can't they just give me the money and I'll make an ad for them
which cost way less than that.

Other bloggers

Now... last year at the Nuffnang Asia-Pacific Blog awards
this handsome gentlemen snatched the award for 
all other bloggers. It's not really a "everybody can do that" thing.
*wonder if I can* hmmmmmm...

this pic was taken from his blog

Sometimes his blogs gives me the impression that Kenny is jobless,
well he's not. You ask me why the impression? If you head on to
his blog right now, read all his posts and you'll find that this
Award Winning Blogger travels quite frequently. He just flew to
Los Angeles for a marathon.

Quite fit huh!!

He's got over 20 million viewers already.
*when will i get that much traffic*

I assume that he takes most of the photos in his blog since they all have the "kennysia.com" on them.


Recently, guys around the globe have gone crazy.
Seriously, first we have Tiger Woods scandal with
what, 11 mistresses!!
And somehow Jack Neo made
"the Cat" his idol or mentor or whatever he prefers
to call him, and have a scandal of his own.

Done for America and Singapore... lets head to England.

We give you... Ashley Cole, a professional in football
and a total failure in marriage. This "husband" of
Cheryl Cole would break the rules just to sneak a girl
into his hotel room. What a retard. He might be good at
kicking balls but someone should kick his instead.

Come on guys stop giving us gentlemen the bad image!!
Girls deserve to be treated properly. Still, girls, you're the best!!

And then, it's Wee again!!!
The controversial song composer Namewee who bursted
to fame when his Negarakuku started spreading like wild fire
among youths, is now currently seeking funds from the 
National Film Development Corporation a.k.a. Finas to film
his debut movie 1Malaysia.
By doing this he wanted to prove to the Chinese that they
could also obtain funds from the government.

Ok .... i'm going wild too so if you're reading this,
let me blog about you and PLEASE click any ads you
see. Thank You!!!

Monday, March 15, 2010

A day to relax

Sunday... it was..
Hang out friends at Sunway Pyramid, they bought me a cup of Starbucks coffee. Can't really remember when was the last time I touched one of those stuff.Well at least I remember why I stop touching Starbucks coffee when I took the first sip.... it was really sweet, maybe it's because I prefer my brew to be more on the "bitter coffee sweetness" side. *smiles* : )

Life in form 5 is a killer. Handling projects, taking positions,

wrestling with studies and trying hard to keep my heart beating...
Even finding time to be alone to take a slow, calm, relaxing
breath is near impossible. Sometimes I do wonder if I'm starting to
mess things up and start falling apart with every pieces scattering

Well the King have spoken...

The Yang di-Pertuan Agong Tuanku Mizan Zainal Abidin
has just called the nation to work together to make Malaysia
a high-income and developed country. In calling this motion,
the King said it focuses on creativity, innovation and also
high value creation. Well it's a very understandable move to
be made seeing that year 2020 is approaching. Honestly,
whether Vision 2020 can be achieve or not base solely
on the nation. We have our Tun Dr. Mahathir Mohamad
to thank for this vision as it might just be the trigger for the
country's first step towards globalization.

And then there's the "always an issue" issues.
Sex education, exam subject limits, teaching in English or
B.M (Malay), who's in charge and politics, politics, poli... tics.
Sigh... they kill.
Finally to everyone who's reading, please do let me write about you or
if you blog, let me introduce your blog to other readers.

After all.... Jaerragus blogs about bloggers.
Don't we?

Friday, March 12, 2010


12 March 2010, one of the worst day I ever had.
This morning woke up late because, well,
I set the alarm on my phone to 5p.m. instead of
5a.m. So I woke up at 6.30 rushed downstairs to
have my breakfast and suddenly realized that I
actually forgot to iron my uniform. HOLY C**P!!!

Rushed out of my house to the bus stop and missed
the bus by a few minutes, ARRGGGHHHH!!!
Took the following bus but had to wait for 15 minutes.
Then as usual, the bus would leave me in this stupid bus
stop approximately 600 meters away from school!!!
Had to walk there, whether I like it or not.
And then... DANG!!! God sent two stray dogs after me...
followed by another two.

Like hell I ran towards the school gate and really felt

Guess what, dogs were just the appetizer...
God sent the discipline teacher to wait at the gate.
Sigh.... he recorded my in the
Then instead of going straights to class he sent me to the
freakin hell like counselor.

After 3 hours of mental torturing with pure boredom..
WADDA YA KNOW!! ...school's over... DANG!!!
And I was wondering why did I ever came to school
in the first place. Went back the same way I came...
without the dogs that is. When I reached home,
looked in my pockets and my bag, sigh... I
brought the wrong set of keys. I know I don't have to
tell you that you already know that I know you know
that I'm stuck outside.

Got in when mom got back. Then the first thing I did
when I got in, was to blog about TODAY!! YEAH!!!
Then... found out my keyboard went nuts...

So to you guys who are reading this, I typed this mostly
by using that stupid On-screen Keyboard in your compouter.
Which clicking one alphabet at a time... DANG!!!

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Hey guys and girls out there, the
Interact Coordinating council of Petaling Jaya
is having an ICC Concert themed:
Frequency; the future is listening

It will be held on a Saturday, March 27th, 2010
from 10.00a.m. till 2p.m. at HGH Convention Centre,
Sentul, KL, Malaysia.

Performances are as follows:

Cultural Dance

Bollywood Hotcutz by SMK Assunta
Kuruvi Boys @ Soul Dancers by SMK La Salle
Tarian Zapin by SMK Sultan Abdul Samad

Modern Dance
Tic Tac Toe by CHS, SMK Assunta & SMK La Salle
Pop Royalty by SMK Sri Aman, Sultan Abdul Samad
and Catholic High School
Blackjack by SMK Sri Aman
Wild Child by SMK Assunta

Temptations by SMK Assunta
Un4given Outsiders by SMK Assunta
Herman and Khairul Aiman by SMK Sultan Abdul Samad
Sandya S by SMK Sri Aman
Chewy by SMK Sri Aman

They are also inviting a celerity to be their guest host,
Rina Omar from 8TV Quickie and also they have
confirmed that three guest artists will be performing
so far.

Tickets are being sold right now and ticket prices range
from RM 25 and RM 40 for V.I.P.

For more info please visit http://icc2010concert.blogspot.com.


It is 2010 and this season marks the 60th
anniversary of the FIA Formula 1 World Championship.

This season will definitely be the best of all seasons
as all eyes are on the legendary Michael Schumacher
who is a seven-time world champion and will be making
a comeback this seasons although he is hitting 41 this year.
Schuey will be driving for the Mercedes GP PETRONAS
team for this season.

Besides that, the entry of three teams namely Lotus Racing,
Virgin and Hispania Racing Team, will definitely spice things
up. And also a post race concert will be held featuring the
world famous humanitarian hip hop and reggae artist
Wyclef Jean and the pioneer of electronic dance genre
Fatboy Slim.

Monday, March 8, 2010

Earth Hour

As we all know that the 60 EARTH HOUR is coming up,
we've to off all the lights and, if possible, turn off everything
that consumes electricity.

To most of us this will be a really boring "night"
but actually it doesn't have to be...

WWF-Malaysia will be holding their Earth Hour event
at CapSquare in Kuala Lumpur. Highlights of the evenin
include an Eco-bazaar, Walk of Hope and unplugged
performances by local artists.Support Earth Hour by signing up, switching off and joining them at CapSquare
on the 27th of March. (sign up @ ehm.my)

And as for Singaporeans, CapitalLand will be having a Lights-Out Party at ION square, ION orchard level 1
For more events on Earth Hour in other countries please visit www.earthhour.org

Friday, March 5, 2010


Chieng Meei Yih, creator of "moneychieng".
Her blog is mainly about her life, her family, friends,
stuffs that she did and so on. Her blog is also a place
where she pours her thoughts and share her interests.
And also if you view her blog long enough you'll realize
that she updates her blog quite frequently.
Her life seems interesting to me.
Parties, caroling, gatherings, maybe you ought to get some ideas to have fun or maybe if your out of inspirations for a party her blog will pump you with "inspiration".
But most of all, her blog is just fun to read....

Tzoulia Kadoglou


Here's a blogger who always try to combine the beauty

of fashion and her passion in to her blog together with
her photography. Unlike any other common bloggers we
find. Her blog is more clean cut and really quite simple.
Instead of using words to express herself, she uses
And for those of you who are in to fashion, photography or
photography on fashion, you could really find great pics in
her blog for inspiration and references.

Besides fashion, she also has some post about herself,
u can barely find any words in her blog and that's why it's so special.
Some humanity issues can also be found here.

From her the looks of her blog, the contents are mainly about fashion, latest trends and cool outfits.

Uh..... just watch...

Cute little guy isn't he....
If you look and listen carefully, you can actually
hear him swearing!!!

Welcome.... I guess....

Decided to blog again.

Some of you might realize this isn't the same
blog as before because I've "screwed up" the previous

And for those who've visited my blog for the first time
welcome and happy viewing.
And please, if you may, post a link to my blog on
yours and I'll definitely post a link of yours here.


I would also be very happy to promote your blogs or

webs here for free with no terms or conditions. Just
e-mail me at leonj_93@hotmail.com or send me a
message on facebook . I'll gladly improve your blog
traffic and try my best to make the hit counter
go nuts.

Hope this will make internet surfing less boring!!