Friday, March 12, 2010


12 March 2010, one of the worst day I ever had.
This morning woke up late because, well,
I set the alarm on my phone to 5p.m. instead of
5a.m. So I woke up at 6.30 rushed downstairs to
have my breakfast and suddenly realized that I
actually forgot to iron my uniform. HOLY C**P!!!

Rushed out of my house to the bus stop and missed
the bus by a few minutes, ARRGGGHHHH!!!
Took the following bus but had to wait for 15 minutes.
Then as usual, the bus would leave me in this stupid bus
stop approximately 600 meters away from school!!!
Had to walk there, whether I like it or not.
And then... DANG!!! God sent two stray dogs after me...
followed by another two.

Like hell I ran towards the school gate and really felt

Guess what, dogs were just the appetizer...
God sent the discipline teacher to wait at the gate.
Sigh.... he recorded my in the
Then instead of going straights to class he sent me to the
freakin hell like counselor.

After 3 hours of mental torturing with pure boredom..
WADDA YA KNOW!!'s over... DANG!!!
And I was wondering why did I ever came to school
in the first place. Went back the same way I came...
without the dogs that is. When I reached home,
looked in my pockets and my bag, sigh... I
brought the wrong set of keys. I know I don't have to
tell you that you already know that I know you know
that I'm stuck outside.

Got in when mom got back. Then the first thing I did
when I got in, was to blog about TODAY!! YEAH!!!
Then... found out my keyboard went nuts...

So to you guys who are reading this, I typed this mostly
by using that stupid On-screen Keyboard in your compouter.
Which clicking one alphabet at a time... DANG!!!

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