Friday, March 5, 2010


Chieng Meei Yih, creator of "moneychieng".
Her blog is mainly about her life, her family, friends,
stuffs that she did and so on. Her blog is also a place
where she pours her thoughts and share her interests.
And also if you view her blog long enough you'll realize
that she updates her blog quite frequently.
Her life seems interesting to me.
Parties, caroling, gatherings, maybe you ought to get some ideas to have fun or maybe if your out of inspirations for a party her blog will pump you with "inspiration".
But most of all, her blog is just fun to read....

Tzoulia Kadoglou


Here's a blogger who always try to combine the beauty

of fashion and her passion in to her blog together with
her photography. Unlike any other common bloggers we
find. Her blog is more clean cut and really quite simple.
Instead of using words to express herself, she uses
And for those of you who are in to fashion, photography or
photography on fashion, you could really find great pics in
her blog for inspiration and references.

Besides fashion, she also has some post about herself,
u can barely find any words in her blog and that's why it's so special.
Some humanity issues can also be found here.

From her the looks of her blog, the contents are mainly about fashion, latest trends and cool outfits.

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