Tuesday, March 30, 2010

A weird weird world.

From the eye's of mine.

1) A trailer rammed into a Perodua Viva today.
2) The Mamak Stall "Ah Nea" was so busy 4 brats walk out without paying.
3) Physics teacher was thought by students instead of the other way round.
4) Discovered that beer with durian actually doesn't kill.
5) Found out one of my friends ain't a virgin no more.
6) Paid 5 bucks for something of 3.50 and actually got 7 bucks as change.
7) Almost got robbed by two freakin b***ard!!! Damn!!!
9) Forgot what's number 8.
10) Neighbour celebrated earth hour today...= ='
11) Dad forgot my name for a moment.
12) Sister thought i was a thief when I climbed in the gates. (I forgot to bring the keys)

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