Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Something's wrong.

First Ashley Cole, yes the football kicking guy who
was suppose to kick his own balls, is fighting "wife",
Cheryl for Chihuahuas. After all dogs are a man's best
friend. Funny, he got that one right, if he could just treat
girls as good... than again, can he??

As rumors has it, Coco and Buster (the two puppies)
have their own driver, "personal" driver, whenever he gets
the chance to be with them.

Not bad for a pet of a sup *cough* "stupidstar".
No offense to his fans, I'm not talking about his skills in football,
I'm referring to his actions.

And second, *takes a deep breath*........
Simon Cowell is getting married. He's tying the knot with his
girlfriend Mezhgan Hussainy somewhere in September, 
maybe 11/12. The ceremony would most likely be at his 
mom's place in East Sussex. And the downside for the girl...
no honeymoon due to the American Idol Judge's hectic schedule.

And after the judge decides to get married... the 
contestant went home. Lacey Brown bid farewell to the stage. Actually the judges could have saved her with their one season save vote. But then they decided to save it for a more worthy loser. The red head sang Ruby Tuesday that very night she got, well, kicked out...

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