Monday, July 5, 2010

Malaysia Boleh....... kah? Sure boh?

Well, how "good" exactly is Malaysia??
According to my calculation... now where near ok.....

First they came up with a "SMART" tunnel with an IQ level lower than mine... 
This tunnel was "SUPPOSEDLY" built to prevent K.L. from flooding 
but then when it rains they can't get the cars out fast enough.
But still I'll give them a little credit since there's no bad news abut it recently... yet.

Then, there's the stealing of jet engines. 
Ok, I don't care how they steal the engine...
by the way it's a jet engine the size of at least 4 Toyota Hilux... stealing 
1 Hilux is difficult enough, but stealing 4!!! But that's not the point... 
the point is the government bought 2nd hands... those engines were actually 
crashed during Russian air force training and then repaired and sold back to Malaysia....
and then the country bought them with OUR money...   

One more... give up for the joke of the year... Malaysia government bought 

a SUBMARINE... if you may, kindly clap your hands in front of the computer.
Now why do we need a submarine, I know, maybe they thought we could catch 
more fish instead......
And then the latest one, they're trying to reduce car usage by improving public 

transportation. Oh... I just got a great idea... if you're late for work, what do you do?
"Boss bus came late, no taxi, blame government...". "Boss LRT/KTM got timing problem."
Settle.... I can understand why Singapore needs to limit car usage... because they got no 
"LAND", you hold World Cup at Singapore, Singapore disappear from Goggle earth.
Why can't we just follow "Tokyo" and build the "a lot of level road thingy" to reduce traffic jams.
 Finally there's this thing that I hate the most... 
 That's total BULLS**T....  they encourage us to buy local cars
such as SLK and CLK  (Small Little Kancil & Cute Little Kancil)
and also the Proton which is build by people with brains 
the size of a .....well..... proton.....
Oh ya.... for those whose taking SPM this year, government's thinking of reducing 
the offerings of JPA Scholarships... God bless us.... 
Actually there's a lot more maybe I'll let you brag about them in
the comments....
By the way... Germany slaughter Argentina in the World Cup...


  1. Malaysia is 'super good'.
    god bless you la..

  2. yes go germany!
    and malaysia.. hmm.. love malaysia? =P

  3. You got me when you suggest SLK. Haha!
    If Proton is really good, why government people drive Benz or even Hummer? Perdana kenot meh?


  4. msia??? HAHAHAHAHAHA...tat need a second thought...screw the JPA la!!! stupid mia...