Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Serving.... the bloggers....

It's been a while since I've done something like this.
Well I did start this blog to write about other blogs but
I seems like it's not going as planned so here I go again.
Here are some blogs I came across while using Nuffnang Innit.

This blog is gaining quite some attention in the blogging world these days.
( I seriously hope that I don't get this wrong)
Yes, the handsome, charming guy to the right who recently 
love cam whoring is the blogger. Now don't ask me for his name
coz I don't know.( everyone uses nicknames nowadays).
He's from east Malaysia, Kuching. 
Well Jfook(his nickname) normally blogs about his outings and visits to 
interesting places. He seems to be moving a lot and he often blogs about food.
Can't type much, just click above to find out more.

Now here's another handsome guy. ( these guys are seriously starting to make me look ugly)
JLean( also his nickname) is the blogger of Undercover Project. A blog mainly about cars. 
 I assume that he's someone who knows a lot about these machine since I can't find anything that's not about cars. 
So... you don't know what a carburetor is? Ask him.
You don't know what a spark plug looks like? Ask him.
You don't know how to open the fuel cap? Ask him.
You don't know how to ask him? Click above.

Yep, the young lady right the is the is the writer of the above blog.
Ms Fong Sze Hui I think.( I happen to find it on the blog).
Although she also blogs about events and happening on entertainment,
but what interest me the most is her posts on food. 

She might not be able to give you a really good review like an experienced professional but the pictures she takes... they're good enough to make you drool in front of your monitor.

So before you head to her site... please check that your web cams are off.

Ok I think I'm just gonna stop for now. There are a few more but I'm really stuck on what to write.
I'll have more by next week.


  1. LET ME KNOW!!!! if u got talk about me!! == hahahhaa... joking la..

  2. Wow, thanks!!! My name is Jun Fook. I used Jfook, because it's shorter. Call me Jun Fook. XD

  3. @jfook oh ya, i forgot, i added u on fb...==

  4. lol so far i have read Jfook and Jlean's blog

    but Fish Chateau is pretty new to me will check her out

    thanks for sharing this kiddo

  5. yeah jfook, John Lean and Fish blog were quite fun and awesome to read

  6. thanks bloggers ;D and special thanks to Jaerragus for putting me in also! Do drop by to my site @ http://www.ohfishiee.blogspot.com/

  7. helo jaerragus :D it's so nice of you to write about other bloggers.