Monday, August 16, 2010

Ah... those music....

When I was young (10 maybe) I always skip school...  (hope my parents don't read this)
In the morning I've got nothing to do and
well... the only "friend" I have is the TV.

And on TV, the only thing they show is
music videos and educational program.
Since I was really lazy, educational shows sucks so
that leaves me with the music videos.

As I recall, I don't have any particular interest in those music
and they are often replays. Since I'm too young
to understand any of them and they sounded so... boring.
But then as I grow up, those songs
starts to get stuck in my head... so I'd like to just share two
out of "a lot"  with you guys. 
Oh... one more thing please pause the player at the side before you play the vids.


  1. so long didnt hear beverly hills already.. haha =)