Monday, August 30, 2010

Free Mobile Internet

Just discovered something really awesome from my friends when I bought my new
Sony Ericsson Vivaz...

Wanna surf the internet on your mobile phone for free??
 Just follow these few steps....( only for Maxis & Hotlink users)
 1) Download and then install Opera Mini into your phone.

2) Go to the EasyMenu by dialing *100#.

3) Choose: 7(Internet and Settings)>3(Prepaid Broadband)>4(Service Switching)
     >2(Prepaid Broadband)>1(Proceed)

4) After that you'll receive a confirmation SMS.
5)There you go.... enjoy your free internet.

For Nokia phones add in this extra step: 
Change your APN from 'bbnet by going into 'Settings> Connectivity>Destinations>Access Points'

Note: You'll only be able to surf for free by using Opera Mini. Webs that require big amounts of data such as
          YouTube might not be able to be accessed. ( You can log on to YouTube but you can't watch the


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