Monday, August 30, 2010

Free Mobile Internet

Just discovered something really awesome from my friends when I bought my new
Sony Ericsson Vivaz...

Wanna surf the internet on your mobile phone for free??
 Just follow these few steps....( only for Maxis & Hotlink users)
 1) Download and then install Opera Mini into your phone.

2) Go to the EasyMenu by dialing *100#.

3) Choose: 7(Internet and Settings)>3(Prepaid Broadband)>4(Service Switching)
     >2(Prepaid Broadband)>1(Proceed)

4) After that you'll receive a confirmation SMS.
5)There you go.... enjoy your free internet.

For Nokia phones add in this extra step: 
Change your APN from 'bbnet by going into 'Settings> Connectivity>Destinations>Access Points'

Note: You'll only be able to surf for free by using Opera Mini. Webs that require big amounts of data such as
          YouTube might not be able to be accessed. ( You can log on to YouTube but you can't watch the


Thursday, August 19, 2010

Video games are better than GIRLS? Seriously?

"Life is like a big wheel, there are ups and downs and also things that happen again in life. For example when I was 5 I found a lollipop on the street.... when I'm 30 I  'll find a lollipop on the street again and who knows maybe when I'm 90 I will find a sugar free lollipop under my wheelchair..." 
*A friend of mine

Note: The above quote has got nothing to do with the above title.

According to this guy (he looks like Jet Lee), video games are better than girls.
Some of you might have watched the video already but for those of you who haven't...


Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Serving.... the bloggers....

It's been a while since I've done something like this.
Well I did start this blog to write about other blogs but
I seems like it's not going as planned so here I go again.
Here are some blogs I came across while using Nuffnang Innit.

This blog is gaining quite some attention in the blogging world these days.
( I seriously hope that I don't get this wrong)
Yes, the handsome, charming guy to the right who recently 
love cam whoring is the blogger. Now don't ask me for his name
coz I don't know.( everyone uses nicknames nowadays).
He's from east Malaysia, Kuching. 
Well Jfook(his nickname) normally blogs about his outings and visits to 
interesting places. He seems to be moving a lot and he often blogs about food.
Can't type much, just click above to find out more.

Now here's another handsome guy. ( these guys are seriously starting to make me look ugly)
JLean( also his nickname) is the blogger of Undercover Project. A blog mainly about cars. 
 I assume that he's someone who knows a lot about these machine since I can't find anything that's not about cars. 
So... you don't know what a carburetor is? Ask him.
You don't know what a spark plug looks like? Ask him.
You don't know how to open the fuel cap? Ask him.
You don't know how to ask him? Click above.

Yep, the young lady right the is the is the writer of the above blog.
Ms Fong Sze Hui I think.( I happen to find it on the blog).
Although she also blogs about events and happening on entertainment,
but what interest me the most is her posts on food. 

She might not be able to give you a really good review like an experienced professional but the pictures she takes... they're good enough to make you drool in front of your monitor.

So before you head to her site... please check that your web cams are off.

Ok I think I'm just gonna stop for now. There are a few more but I'm really stuck on what to write.
I'll have more by next week.

Monday, August 16, 2010

Ah... those music....

When I was young (10 maybe) I always skip school...  (hope my parents don't read this)
In the morning I've got nothing to do and
well... the only "friend" I have is the TV.

And on TV, the only thing they show is
music videos and educational program.
Since I was really lazy, educational shows sucks so
that leaves me with the music videos.

As I recall, I don't have any particular interest in those music
and they are often replays. Since I'm too young
to understand any of them and they sounded so... boring.
But then as I grow up, those songs
starts to get stuck in my head... so I'd like to just share two
out of "a lot"  with you guys. 
Oh... one more thing please pause the player at the side before you play the vids.

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Big J Strikes Back!!!

I know I know...
It's been "ages" since I last updated my blog.
 I'm kinda busy these days as major examinations are
coming... such as the SPM trials.

And my books have no signs of my fingerprints.
 Besides exams, I'm also very frustrated by this one thing...

The picture says it all. 3 months, cut away from civilization to waste 3 months.
And what do I get? RM 450..... ONLY!!!!!
Man, I work part time counting sand also earn more than that lor, ok?
And then because of this don't-know-what-good-does-it-bring program
I have to postpone my plans to study. BULLS**T!!!

I SMSed to check whether I've been chosen or not,
and the reply was
"Taniah, anda merupakan antara rakyat yang malang..."

Of so many "futureless" youngsters out there, why me?
Take some out from the juvenile to fill up the space ler... they'll be happy...
......I'll be happy.

And then there's the scholarship fuss.
As most scholarship application deadline approaches... I have to
submit my application form. The problem is it has to be certified by
my school principle which is nowhere to be found.

And if you notice... I've changed my blog's template... hope it's good enough.
I think I'll stop for now, gotta go give my text books some company.