Wednesday, September 15, 2010

When we were younger... I loved it....

I have a younger brother, he kinda "inspired" me to write this.

So we were all once young.... ger... (not that we're old mind you)
Being young was really something...something like being happy.
And looking at young kids nowadays reminds us of what we were... once.
That childish, innocent, naive, cute, cuddly little brats who jumped with joy
every time the ice-cream man came by and cried on the first day of school.

And then you'd recall how childish we were... especially guys (don't deny it)
We'd quarrel and fight every single day.
Common sentences with grammatical errors we used such as:

1) I don't want friend you!!! 
2) I tell my daddy!!!
3)I tell my mommy!!!
4)I tell them don't want friend you!!!
5)I tell teacher!!!

But then none of us would do this....

... at least not until we were 8... or was it 6??

Then there's also stuff that we use to believe... stuff like the tooth fairy.
You know... that if you put your fallen tooth under your pillow when you
sleep a tooth fairy will leave you some money in exchange for your tooth.
(I 'v never tried it... but I bet she pays in Euros).

And if you still remember we were all young Shakespear... really!!!
We can come up with anything that rhymes.... especially in mandarin.
E.g. "a,e,i,o,u, bengali loves u".

Not forgetting the games we played before we know what blogging is.
Paper scissors stone, one-ten-jus, lat tali lat, and all the other funny
games haha...

And sometimes we tend to go wild with our imagination.
Wearing a cape running around the house thinking we're super man,
waving chopsticks on a brooms pretending to be a witch, gather up pillows 
to make a racing car, you name it...

But then all of that changed when we attend this placed called..... High School.
We give them the "finger" instead of waving, instead of asking how may I help you
we use WTF, instead of excuse me we use F*** off...

But no matter how much we've changed... know this, we were once.... 


Well I'll leave the rest to you guys... have a nice day then.


  1. jelly jely lum jum jus


    It's the circle of life. we were not just cute for once but for always if u do believe tat ur cute XD

  2. haha during my primary school days we play Pada Suatu Hari Hari pak abu makan roti ti ti , roti yang basi si si ...and continue hahaha

    pepsi cola , ice cream soda , magnolia

  3. Hahaha, Yeah, pepsi cola, ice cream soda. I still love ice-cream till today :)

  4. This brings me down memory lane when I used to quarrel with my older brother alot. No wonder I hate him till now. Hmm hope its not the same for u :P Have a great weekend ahead.

  5. gah.... my good old memories. they all flashed back in my mind by now! Miss the time of being an innocent child. now i dont believe in fairy tales, adults are good liers! lol. my sis did try to put her tooth under pillow. you know what i did? i took it and put 20 cents down there. lol.

  6. "a,e,i,o,u, bengali loves u".
    haha i think i used to say that LOL

  7. I always to encounter the situation "I dont wanna fren with you!!"when I was young!!haha!!wat great memory

  8. haha! childhood! the most commonly used one was 'I don't friend you already! childish indeed! haha! awesome post!

  9. ahhh! memoriess =D so niceee

  10. *sigh* I totally agree with u. all the hate just to show off who is tough. for what? make more enemies then friends. bette be a good person, study and experience life and make GOOD friends for life instead of enemies FOR LIFE.