Thursday, September 9, 2010

Serving bloggers...

I'm here doing what I do again... blogging about other bloggers.
So... today I'm gonna introduce you guys to some chicks....
I mean ladies....

And yes.. I met them on Nuffnang Innit... too.
(....blame Nuffnang....)


First up, we've got Hilda Milda, the blogger of the 
above blog. (Probably her nickname as it rhymes).
Well she basically blogs about her personal stuff
she does and all those. Mainly about outings, some  interesting activities, like the most recent one where she has this photo shooting at Putrajaya, and sometimes a little bit of humor. Adds a smile to your everyday life huh....


Then there this other girl. She also recently had a photo shooting session. And yes she had the same photo shooting session with Hilda(above). And yes again, the photo on the left is from THAT photo shooting session. You'd notice that she is quite an active girl if you have read her blog. Hang outs, concerts, shopping, outdoor activities, all of those seems to be like her"daily routine"... so you can say that she's somewhat adventurous. Oh... and did I mention that if she finds good food, she'll tell you how to get there...      

Next up. Another active chick....
What I like about her blog is that even-though she post something really long, she'll "equalize" her post with some pics... actually lots of pics. So even if you're reading her lengthy post... it doesn't feel like reading The Communist Ideology. She goes on quite a number of outings too, mostly events that interests young people like me. (yalah tu.... mula perasan dah, kononnya "young") 
Besides that, she also provide lots of interesting "young people" 
stuff like events, happening, entertainment and all that. So do check out her blog ok??

And lastly, this young, cheerful, innocent looking lady here. OK... she also blogs about her personal things and what she does in her daily life... BUT most of her post includes her friends. If you've read her'd notice that most of the pictures in her blog has her friends in them. Thus making her posts somehow "enjoyable" to read. (I'm a loner... I don't have friends). Actually it's been quite a while since I last visited her blog... She recently turned 17 and had also recently removed her braces... I think....Anyways, do visit her blog too...

Note: To visit all the above blogs, please just gently click their picture or the name of their blog (written in blue). TQ........


  1. Thanks jae (: Such an honour to be reviewed by you!

  2. oo, i spot me in Jae's...thanks tons! :DD

  3. wow..i only knew 2 of them..the 1st two..HAHA..i feel lamE!!

  4. ooooooooooopppsss!!!

    surprised to be in ur post. LMAO!

    thanks btw XD

  5. WOW! can't believe that you written about me at your post! THank jea! :D maybe I am gonna post something bout you too next time ;o