Monday, September 13, 2010

Of Bloggers & Readers...

 If you've been actively reading blogs or logging in to Nuffnang Innit
these days, you'd notice that a lot of the post were regarding blog traffic.
And you'd also notice that most of their "ways" was by using a traffic
exchange site...

Of course these sites provide you with traffic...
BUT do they provide you with readers that really read your posts??

 Think of this as something like opening a boutique at the side of a highway.
Cars will pass by but then no one's gonna step in the shop.
But then it's a totally different story if you place that same boutique beside
an alley. Although there's not as much people compared to the highway,
at least these people have more time to get a better glimpse of the shop.
They might get in the shop, buy something and maybe come back to visit again.
And who know they might even bring along some friends. 

Then there's the deco of the boutique. You'd want everything to look nice, neat,
some might want it cheerful, right? So you don't want to over decorate and
distract your customers from what you're selling.
 Same concept that can be applied to your blog. You want the layout to be
simple, not to many animations and advertisement because there is only one thing     
that your readers come for... your blog posts. And maybe some of your readers
might just come back just for your layout. ( My sis has a weird behavior, she goes to
certain boutiques just to look at their chandeliers.)

Next, still with the boutique. Well in a boutique store you will want
ample space for your customer's to move around. That way they can
browse faster, decide faster, purchase faster and F*** off faster for
more customers to come.
Again same goes to your blog. I think that you guys should know that
the widgets on your blogs affect how fast your blog loads. So try to minimize
the use of widgets. (I know it's hard right??) With that people are able to access
your blog faster and they get to read those interesting topics you have. Oh... one more thing
try showing as few post as possible as it also affect blog speed.
OK... enough of bloggers. Now, readers.....
I think you should have realized by now that most, if not all,
of your blog readers are also bloggers themselves.
As a blogger you should know that we love people reading our post.
So as an understanding blogger that reads other understanding blogger's  
blog, you should understand that leaving an understanding comment
is very understandingly important. Do you UNDERSTAND??
Plus... please finish reading the post and understand it before putting any comments.

And I've also discovered that we bloggers and blog readers who are also bloggers
have come up with a new type of online conversation with the chat box on their blogs.
I call it the Instant Conversation Method.

Blogger A : Dropped by. (on blogger B's chat box)
Blogger B : Thx for dropping by. (on blogger A's chat box)

There you go... a CONVERSATION.....
Hmmm... I think I've just helped some boutique owners out there.... 


  1. Agree with your statements. This is a unhealthy trend in blogosphere right now.

  2. very much agree to your comparison to the 'boutique'. and this proves how u actually read and comment on others' post too x) thanks!

  3. hahahaha tht's y i do thing the new trend of blogging will be short and nice cuz too much peeps lazy to read~

  4. Cookie for u! 2 thumbs for the article

  5. dropped by :P nah i do read ppl's post. Even if i do drop by to say hi, i'll have the courtesy to at least read their latest entry. And if it's interesting, I will visit again. I expect the same from my readers too coz I don't want passerbys, I want friends :)

  6. yes i understand Jae, found it very annoying sometimes, haha!

  7. certainly i will read the whole post, or skim through it at least.

    i will drop 'hi hi' in bloggers' chatbox as a way to say "i've visited you blog"... but i sometimes will drop comments if the blog entry is interesting!

  8. In the end we'll all resort to facebook-style blogging?...hopefully not

  9. hahaha that is what happening now

    Fucking agree with this whole post,

    i have a lot of customers which drop by just to tell me they have step into my 'boutique' oh i like the clothes you're selling , ( But i did not check the prize , the quality , or anything ) then walk away and never came back

    the same thing with followers , i used to thought that its polite to follow back followers , now i wont be bother to do that unless that particular blog is interesting

    i have a lot of people who come and go , ya i do get what u mean , no point of having a 1000 followers but only 10 who actually took the effort to read what i write

    One of the main reason i don't log in INNIT is because i am sick of people who literally spam the chat room begging for people to check out their post, come one some are totally crap blog , i hate to say this but i rather be hated for being a bitch than to be pretentious.But then some people are really friendly,made some new friends and i still check their post from time to time ,But i am not going to post anything in INNIT anymore.

    no Offends to anyone , ahhh off my chest .

    Adik sudah dapat my a4 paper? haha

  10. totally agreed. what you written is excatly what i thought. the blogosphere nowadays is unhealthy. people just blog to get money, not that they interested in blogging. especially when i came across posts with a few pictures with a few random sentence.

  11. Agreed! But not all the bloggers are like that, only some of it. Everyone have their reasons to blog and reasons to do things. They want it, they do it. They do that on my blog, yes i did that back also to them. Of cuz this is a way of showing some respect. Most of the time i do read the whole post or at least half of it. No offend. just giving my opinion.

  12. agree...I would prefer readers who actually reads my entries..

  13. totally agree!..ive experienced tis situation countless time..once i was bloggin bout my friend's bday(a girl) obviously i used her picture to do a blog post..and a random person(a boutique owner) left me a comment..hey u look pretty in ur visit me.!!*rawr*..=D

  14. I agree. There will always be people who does it intentionally but there will also be those who innocently follow such trend. Hopefully they'll read this and be better bloggers^^ Thanks for writing this piece ^^

  15. So true..nothing to read already these days...all about business in blog, where is the plain-o-stupid fun post?

  16. wow, brilliant speech, I was thinking for a while....

  17. lol.. yea.. it's not just about calling people to click click..that's meaningless.

  18. I categorize blogging into 2:
    1 - blogging for money/traffic/attention
    2 - blogging for oneself

    I fall in category 2. Enough said.

  19. Dropping by ere Jae. =). Smiles

  20. which why i drop by innit quite less already. one of the reason being most of them would just pass by. but it's hard to catch sincere readers too. like you said, the boutique must be able to come up with nice products too