Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Very first pics by me.

Like I said in my previous post, I got a new phone
and it has a really amazing camera.
So finally Jaerragus gets to take some pics of his own...

Well I'm a newbie in this sort of thing, and lately I'm learning the
ways of Photoshop...

So guys here are some pics I took...for the first time...
(please do criticize my low quality work, it's taken with a handphone and not photoshoped...XD)

Some pics I took out side my house...

And inside my house.... you don't wanna see...

But still... I found some interesting stuff out of all the mess....
Guess that's all for now... gotta learn the tricks of the trade.. Photoshop
I wanna make something like this... (it's my friend's work)


  1. OMG i didnt know that the photos will turn out this nice. srsly cannot underestimate this phone!

  2. This is from a phone camera!? wow.

  3. wah..nice photos wor.....

  4. wah..nice photos wor.....

  5. what phone u r using??lol

  6. nice photos with nice flowers ^^

  7. Can't believe it's from phone~!