Monday, May 31, 2010

HOKKIEN DRAMA.... they never change don't they??

If you all have watched hokkien drama on TV, or maybe the
not so young people in your house have, you'd realize one thing....
they are actually all the same...
 They all have almost the same plot, trying to give audience the same message,
and almost the same old actors and actresses....
Here are some common faces... you see them on TV, you're watching a hokkien drama...

Now... you'd also realize this... they always involve two big companies
competing against each other and power struggle... and tall skyscrapers which they'd
always show audience a glimpse before every scene that's taken inside it....
On top of that... gangsters and triads!!! Same old same old..... thing.....
They always have gangsters.... and one of the main character will be these
thugs.... DANG!!!!

Finally, each and every scene of a hokkien drama runs really long. It takes at least
5 minutes for a scene to finish... and the show doesn't seem to end, they run for
thousands of episodes (metaphorically)..... it's like squeezing all the CSI in to 1 season....

YOUTH'10 Day 2 & 3

As expected, I went for Youth'10, Malaysia's Largest Youth Festival...

Took the KTM from Klang to Putra station and then headed towards PWTC on the 2nd day.
Took my free passes and headed towards the festival.
When I entered, I was actually greeted by this tall dark guy.
First I thought that it was some kinda hospitality greet stuff ya know...
buy then he "kindly" asked me to register for a free Xpax starter pack...
Being asked so many times before entering the fest I got fed up so I decided to sign up...

Ok... enough of that, now the festival... It's just like any other fair you've been to.
Lots of people from various companies trying to catch your attention with simple surveys,
puzzles and cheap-luck prizes...

For those who don't give a damn about promos and just wanna have fun or to be inspired, head on to the discovery fest or the conferences. They have a handful of speakers who actually knows what they're talking about. Although some of them are not even 5 years older than I am. Sports fest was one of the main attraction, there were basketball, futsal, and also foosball!! Yu get to play foosball for RM2 a game, five balls each game.

There are a lot fun activities going on there, and some I find rather weird.
There's this "Silent Disco" thingy where everyone dances to the music from they're earphones. So basically, you see people dancing but there's no music playing. That's something.... weird.....

Oh yeah, that day Twisties was having promo too, you buy this RM10 bag of snacks,
and you get to wall climb to get another one for free... I still think they should sell one packet of snack
and we'll do the wall climbing for the RM10 bag of snacks....THAT is promo!!!!
Then went back at about 3 that day.
 Plus I bumped in to many bloggers there too... most of them holding a DSLR cam...
that really piss me off... coz I don't even have a normal camera, and my phone cam's spoiled...

To be honest, it was kinda bored and it's not really as big as I've expected....

** Now this has nothing to do with YOUTH'10 just my stupidity and bad luck**

At 3p.m., Saturday, I took the KTM back... this is where all went wrong...
I went to the counter and asked for a ticket to Klang, the girl on duty looked
surprised when I said the word "Klang". But she still gave me my ticket, and i
was wondering what's with that look. Then the train came. On the way back,
we passed by UKM which was not suppose to happen, then I realized that we were
on the wrong route... we're on the route to Seremban.... SHIT....
Now we know why the lady was so surprised.... *sigh*
We ended up at Nilai, took the train back to KL central and then back to Klang...
Now... bad luck strikes... Our train eventually broke down somewhere after
Angkasapuri. Then when we switch train and headed towards Klang, they asked us
to change train again at Setia Jaya. Then flood hits and the train can't travel from
Subang Jaya to Batu Tiga!! I got fed up, called my dad, and ask him to pick me up at Subang....


Then came Sunday where i went for Youth'10, yes, AGAIN...
But this time I went later to stay there till nightfall....and realized that night
time was really more fun... they've got all sorts of concerts at night....
regretted that I didn't stay till night n the 2nd day....

Monday, May 17, 2010

YOUTH'10 !!!!

click pic

 That does says it all doesn't it?
Many of you might have heard of this already, and
some of you may have also attend the fest it in the
previous years.

With 6 festivals, 5 conferences, 3 concerts and
more than a hundred events, YOUTH'10 looks
promising enough to me!!

Music Festival
Sports Festival
Discovery Festival
Dance Festival
Shopping Festival
Youth Brand Festival
 *each fest is split into more events
I know, I know, most high school students are having their exams,
but for those who can manage their time, you ought to check it out.   

It's on the 28rd till 30th of May, passes cost RM 5, RM 20 and also,

For more info click the pic above and book your free passes now!!!

Try to win... no effort, no nothing!!!!

Good news, to all bored people out there,
wanna do some thing fun and be rewarded??
Here's a a few things to make you less lifeless....
Just some contest... 

First up we have, lets see....
"NIKE CUP K.L. 5 vs 5"
click pic
 It's a 5 on 5 street soccer in Kuala Lumpur. Stand a chance to grab a football trip to Brazil or an exclusive training program with Brasil Futsal Academy. Cool... well it ain't that cool until you join, rite??  Click pic for more info...

 Nest we've  got
click pic
"Maggi Mee My Way"
A fun, exiting, simple and certainly rewarding contest, if you win that is...
Listen to this, you can win up to more than RM30,000.
How to win, think of a creative way to prepare your 
Maggi instant noodle, shoot a video of your masterpiece recipe. 
And the prize might be yours. Click pic for more info. 

click pic
Lastly, not a contest but still helpful..
"Life's like WHOA!"
Life's really like Whoa if you read this...
iTalk WHOA! enables you to stay connected with friends and family abroad with FREE internet calls. PLUS, you can also send e-mails and check your friend’s Facebook and Twitter updates! Do all that with just one click without the logging in to several websites!
Connect all your social networks into one.
Communicate instant messaging, emails & voice calls.
Collaborate share videos, photos & thoughts. Click pic for more info...

Strictly only food...

Here's something to make your stomach growl and tongue go crazy...
Rather a blog about food... actually... 

They, yes there are more than one writer of this blog,
introduces interesting places where readers can find
good food that are not only satisfying to your taste but
also to the sight.
They don't just tell you what to eat but introduces and explains them(food)
in detail. By just reading you'll kinda get the idea of the taste.
As a plus, it's not a boring blog of food with a lot of reading to do.
They have lots of mouth watering pics that will really make you drool!!!
Hmmm.... these guys(and girls) really knows that picture speaks more than
a thousand words.....

For an example..... these...

 I assume they are taken by themselves since they have their names there.

Want more, click this -


Thursday, May 13, 2010


Monday, May 10, 2010

Story of my life.... so far... not good....

God damn it... i've just finished my exams last two weeks...
and I've got another one coming up!!!

This is where you might go... "For God's sake, stop blogging and go study!!!"
Well I've tried studying, and it went pretty well..... kinda.
I look at the book for almost 43 minutes and 20 seconds and...
I... slept. Can you blame me... books weren't invented in the same "world" with me.

Now... about Mother's Day.
All of you who are reading this right now should have celebrated 
Mother's Day with your beautiful "mummy"s.
Me?? Of course I've celebrated it, every moms deserve to be 
appreciated... especially on that day.
 Nothing really special, just bought a Green Tea Fruit cake for mom.
What really matters is that we spend time with her. Right?
O....K..... Next...
You all might have already read this in most other blog post or 
Facebook post or Twitter and whatever.......
But I'm still gonna say it....These days...

Every time, everywhere I go nowadays, I really hope I have a big mug
of chilled, ice-cold drink with me, better still, give me a portable icebox,
a very big one!!! 
Seriously don't you guys fell like your body is some kind of slow cooker,
every drop of blood in your veins are boiling with every muscle you move.

Imagine this... the freakin sun's shining freakin brightly. The temperature is 
hell-like hot. The air is so dry that you can almost feel it on your skin like dirt.
Plus you're sweating like mad and your body is really sticky and uncomfortable.
And poof... you're holding a 1 liter cup of ice-cold, chilling, freezing coke on your palm...

now... that's something to drool on....