Monday, May 17, 2010

Try to win... no effort, no nothing!!!!

Good news, to all bored people out there,
wanna do some thing fun and be rewarded??
Here's a a few things to make you less lifeless....
Just some contest... 

First up we have, lets see....
"NIKE CUP K.L. 5 vs 5"
click pic
 It's a 5 on 5 street soccer in Kuala Lumpur. Stand a chance to grab a football trip to Brazil or an exclusive training program with Brasil Futsal Academy. Cool... well it ain't that cool until you join, rite??  Click pic for more info...

 Nest we've  got
click pic
"Maggi Mee My Way"
A fun, exiting, simple and certainly rewarding contest, if you win that is...
Listen to this, you can win up to more than RM30,000.
How to win, think of a creative way to prepare your 
Maggi instant noodle, shoot a video of your masterpiece recipe. 
And the prize might be yours. Click pic for more info. 

click pic
Lastly, not a contest but still helpful..
"Life's like WHOA!"
Life's really like Whoa if you read this...
iTalk WHOA! enables you to stay connected with friends and family abroad with FREE internet calls. PLUS, you can also send e-mails and check your friend’s Facebook and Twitter updates! Do all that with just one click without the logging in to several websites!
Connect all your social networks into one.
Communicate instant messaging, emails & voice calls.
Collaborate share videos, photos & thoughts. Click pic for more info...

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