Monday, May 17, 2010

Strictly only food...

Here's something to make your stomach growl and tongue go crazy...
Rather a blog about food... actually... 

They, yes there are more than one writer of this blog,
introduces interesting places where readers can find
good food that are not only satisfying to your taste but
also to the sight.
They don't just tell you what to eat but introduces and explains them(food)
in detail. By just reading you'll kinda get the idea of the taste.
As a plus, it's not a boring blog of food with a lot of reading to do.
They have lots of mouth watering pics that will really make you drool!!!
Hmmm.... these guys(and girls) really knows that picture speaks more than
a thousand words.....

For an example..... these...

 I assume they are taken by themselves since they have their names there.

Want more, click this -


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