Tuesday, June 22, 2010

World Cup bettings... the common and the wierd.

As we all know, the four years once FIFA World Cup is happening right now.
And some of us might get an itch to try out our luck to earn some extra 
"bank notes".
Namely betting/gambling.

  Now people normally bet who/ which country wins right?
And usually they spare the weaker team some scores to make it, well , "FAIR".

These are some styles of betting you heard off and NOT heard off, maybe...

The common style:
-Bet that a potential country wins and spare some goals for the weak.
-Bet that a not so potential country wins and receive the spare goals.
-Bet the match outcome (scores)
-Bet that a country wins by how many goals.

The not-so-common style:
-Bet the goal difference.
-Bet how many yellow cards given.
-Bet how many red cards given. 
-Bet who scores and how many goals scored.
-Bet how many penalty kicks.
-Bet how many corner kicks.

The Jaerragus style:
- Bet how many times the ball "KENA TIANG".(hit the goal post)
- Bet the number of outs and throw ins.
- Bet on the weather, rainy, sunny, windy, etc.
- Bet on the total number of players carried out on stretchers.
- Bet what advertisements are appearing.
- Bet whose loosing.
- Bet which player gets a hat-trick.
- Bet how many players took off their shirts after the match.
- Bet theamount of water each player drinks on TV. ( number of times he reach for the bottle) 
- Bet how many spectators injured. (wait.... how would I know?)
-How many crazy fans ran in the field to hug the players.
-And more.

For more please act stupid and idiotic and be a little bit more childish + lame. 

1 comment:

  1. 3 shoots will "kena tiang" later during Nigeria vs South Korea!

    I put RM0.27 on that bet!