Monday, June 14, 2010


This happened somewhere in March, I know it's a very long time ago, I went on a trip to Westports and
Star Cruise. Well i'm not gonna talk about Westports because it's gonna sound like a class. 
But if you're still curious about Westports, at best, I can give you some pics.

Happy? Done with the appetizer... serving MAIN COURSE!!
On the menu? STAR CRUISE!!!!
Ok first of all, it's a very bluddy big ship. 
How big?? Well, look at the picture below.
See that ship, The one I went is the one 
behind it, much longer and larger than this!! 

Do I have a picture of the cruise?..... Well, actually yes I just found it
The cruise/ship I entered was named Virgo, all Star Cruise's 
ships are named after a spesific horoscope I think. (the one on top was Libra if I'm not mistaken)

We, yes I went in a group, were guided by this very kind, 
always smiling Vietnamese tour guide into the cruise. 

Before I went in, I'm really sure that I'll be safe if anything happens, why?? I'll tell you why.....

When I took my first step in, my first impression was this looks 
like a 5 star hotel!! They've got reception, a beautiful lobby
and they got this cool, golden horse statue!!

And if you could just look up for a moment.... whoa... you'll be mesmerized by this ceiling design....
 and beside the wall they have these windows which gives you some European elegance.

See the colourful ceiling... and the windows embedded on the walls, with BALCONY!!!

Here's the lift if you're lazy to take the stairs....
If you just ignore the presence of the ceiling it'll
look as if the sun beam is shining in, like there's absolutely no ceiling there at all!!! 

The rest of the lobby... cool huh....
Gotta get my self a living room like this!!! >.<"

Then we went around the cruise to see other amazing stuff inside the ship.
At the hallway you'd noticed a lot of exclusive items are on display.
 Here are some of it....

An old telephone and some expensive watches.....

Continue walking and you can also find these....
some shops, pubs, restaurants, and weird things...
AFRICA Karaoke, Pub, Cafe 
The Lido Balcony

Some weird stuff

SAMURAI restaurant
Galaxy Of  Stars

Star Boutique
In this humongous ship, I found something all teens would find amazing....
they've got a ARCADE CENTER... and if you linger long enough 
you'd find a X-BOX 360 and also a PlayStation 3... I wonder if I missed the Wii...hmmm...
I also happen to find this..

Next we headed on to the top where there's a swimming pool and they call it the....
That's not really the amazing thing, all cruise have swimming pools right??
But what if I told you that this pool have this??

Now it's not all that boring anymore right??

After that, we headed to the captains cabin....
Here the "crew" that "makes" the ship "moves" tell us how they
"operate" the ship's "locomotion" .
I wonder if I sell those "intel" to the terrorist, will I earn more than
what i get from Nuffnang??
The Captain did came out to greet us, his name was... something (some Finland guy).
And he look like he's...well, drunk, he's not acting like he's drunk...just his appearance.

I even got this... so if you plan to start a cruising company... you'll know what
to expect!!! 

Oh... one more thing... the hallway to the rooms look somewhat like this...
Then, we all went for tea... at the bar...
they served us some biscuits and sandwiches...
It's enough lar...
The Bar 
Well, before I end my post... I've got a little confession to make...
You see these glasses of mixed juice and orange juice?? 
They served us for free... 

But actually they cost 10.00SGD each glass... and I had 4....
What? Can you blame me for being thirsty??

Now... I've gotta get my ass back in there one more time... just one more time would be enough. 


  1. It looks awesome! :D

  2. wow i never had a chance to be on star cruise myself... envy ya!

    Dropped by from Lukey's Rantings

  3. Wow...u hv been to Star Cruise :-) Nice. I havent le..must one day.

  4. wow~ amazing... envy you

  5. i've been there b4,,,such a wnderful dream,,,awesome,,,,hehehe,,,byk duet leh,,,,

  6. Wah wah wah! So nice lo! OMG, must start save some money for this! Can fishing from the deck?

  7. Im planning to go too next year! Wahahahhaha! More stories about it please! =D

  8. Wow!!! Looks luxurious!! Jealous... :D!

  9. wow, so nice!!! i have never been on one...have to try one day...

  10. Wuah WUah WUaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhh
    i cant stop wuahhhing all the way. Looks very classy, nice and i bet its an unforgettable experience on the cruise!

  11. Can i go to the casino, jaerragus? Bring me go please!! haha~~

  12. I don't dare to go on a star cruise after watching poisedon and titanic. Seriously )):

  13. How many days was ur trip? It's been a while since I went...