Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Korean Music vs...Justien Bieber...

Youngsters nowadays... *sigh*...
the music they listen to... *sigh*...

Many youth nowadays like Korean music, girls will go wild over 
TVXQ, Super Junior, SG Wannabe and not forgetting Rain.
Then the guys would starve to buy tickets for SNSD's concerts.  

Korean music, don't get me wrong, I listen to them too... (just not as crazy as some people)
older people might think, why do we listen to musics that 
lyrics we don't understand??
 If you act a little more mature (for young ones), just act,
you'd probably figured why they think like the way they think....

1) We don't understand a freakin word that's coming out of their mouth.
2) They use English words in their songs but I bet they don't connect or give any meaning.
3) They're dances are just ok.
4) They something lah!!!

But then again we're young, we don't give a f**k about their vocal, whether or not we understand, or whether the song's meaningless or not... What we young people care about is that...

1) The beat and music rocks.
2) They're cute, handsome, hot, beautiful, and we don't get them.
3) Listening to their music makes us feel good.
4)We don't give a damn on what they're singing, the beat will do.
5)They're young and talented.
6)They blow youth's mind. (I guess)
7)Their dance are "quite easy" to learn for performances.
8)People like them.
9) They something lah!!!

But you've gotta admit one thing, these people are young,
and they going global. When can Malaysia do that??
I really like to see Malaysian artiste achieve something like
them someday....
 Malaysian artiste, although some have made it, the others ain't close to good enough.
Fell offended? then...(Super Junior's song)


O....k.... that's for Korea, now.. Justien Bieber's got a whole other story....
Most guys and some girls hates them... or at least "most guys and some girls" in Klang...
They even posted this pic on facebook.....
Well Justin, looks like they've got issue...
Maybe his voice doesn't sound "mature" or "macho", but that's what makes him Justin Bieber,
 he's up there for a reason... people still listen to his songs so I guess he's not THAT bad...
Why?? Are you guys being jealous... just because you guys aren't there??
I'm not a fan of his and neither do I hate him... but if he can't sound mor "mature,
I'm really gonna hate him, his voice playing on the radio makes driving near impossible...
 So Mr. Bieber... guess you're good for now....


  1. LOL. agree. i wont spent a penny for those concerts where i dont even understand a single word! LOL!

    unless it's FOC. LOL

    for Justin, i juz dun understand y ppl hate him so much. he's fine. he can sing. i love it wen he's doin ballads. =)

  2. Yea... humans are complicated creatures....

  3. agreed with Jae, very complicated creatures.

  4. Haha... we are complicated...

  5. hahas i m not those korean fans too. some just love it because of their faces. but as for justin, i have an issue on his gay thingy too! xD

  6. fish- LOlz... even girls hate him?? I thought he was popular among girls...

  7. this s superb,,,,,owosome,,,

  8. post u got here..m neither a korean nor justin's screaming fans...but my kids are...*sighs*...but i do understand your confusion...hehehe :-)

  9. Gee- Yup... humans... *sigh*...

  10. not all humans are 100% pure... >.<

  11. I prefer to listen to the lyrics^^ but sadly event hat is going down the drain -_-"

  12. Lols! Korean music. I have a typical Korean music wannabe at home. Justin Bieber is Hannah Montana, keke!

  13. while listening to Justin Bieber:

    "someone needs to tell this little girl to shut up..."

    class. :D

  14. AnonymousMay 16, 2011

    justin beiber!!?.... nah, still far away to compare with korean artists. K-pop is life :)!!

  15. Walao. You don't have to understand to the language to like music == Music is universal not just limited to Korea. Like ello? I'm 13 and I don't only like Korean music for the catchy beats and melodies but also I do like the Ballad side of Korean music. Idk about you but maybe the people you know or met are immature fans of Korean Music.

    The dances are easy? Dude. You try dancing to something like Lucifer by SHINee or Mirotic by DBSK and tell me whether it's easy or hard.

    Btw. There's such thing as ENGLISH SUBTITLES/TRANSLATIONS to understand the meaning of the song.