Thursday, October 28, 2010

Blogger's must have...

Hey people... haven't been blogging or tweeting or whatever.
Well I'm a "proud" candidate of SPM 2010 "YEAH"...
so as a "proud" candidate I'll be less active until the
end of my exams and do whatever "proud" candidates do.
And I think you don't need me to tell you guys what
exactly does these "proud" candidates actually do.

If you're a blogger and you've been doing your daily
blog walking routine, you should have realize by now 
that all the bloggers have some things in common.
Besides a blog (most of them use Blogspot) bloggers like me
have a few other things that we possess in common.

   ITEM NO.1 A camera. Yes, I bet every blogger has one of these picture taking 
gadget. It doesn't matter whether it's on a phone or not, if you're a blogger, then you 
must have something that snaps photos.

NEXT Well, it's not exactly an item but still, most of you bloggers out there
should have one. If you're not Tweeting start Tweeting. Trust me, it's the only way
to stay connected to your readers. Make sure they follow you that is.
By the way I've got a Twitter too, feel free to follow me XD....look up.

THEN Facebook! Everyone has a Facebook account, blogger or not.
So imagine this, a blogger who sits in front of the computer almost everyday
doesn't own a Facebook account. Isn't that weird?

LAST but definitely not least join Nuffnang. Most of you will know what it is
but for those of you who doesn't, it's a blogging community + affiliate program
that's allows you to generate some pocket money.If you don't really care
about the money, still there's a lot of events that Nuffnang have been organizing
such as movie screenings and all that. Also check out the Innit thing at Nuffnang
it's cool.

Ok... seems like it'll end here.
Now... what the heck is a homologous series?


  1. Of course, but you also have to COMMUNICATE with other bloggers - posting, commenting and stuff.

  2. Aku ada FB, tapi takde Twitter..

  3. Aku suka Twitter, FB is kinda boring, screwed with FB Game =X

  4. Lols well said, Jae. Haha.

    Emm homologous is something like a camera effect, isn't it? :)

  5. wat "homologous series" did u mean? LOL!

    and yea, bloggers now seem to have owned all that mentioned =P

  6. Isnt homologous series something to do with chemistry? or is it maths? HAH


  7. you missed something, with twitter - should register with churpchurp too :)

  8. good luck to you and me as well on our spm!! xD

  9. You have Twitter right? Churp Churp also earns money too...

    Do follow me on Twitter @

    p/s: I will follow you... *by Digi* :)

  10. i don't have the first thing -.- shame on me as a blogger

  11. omg!!..i have a i dun use it..
    very interesting post!!!
    i love it!
    *getting high for no reason*

  12. omg,i have all of it..but not lome.dslr only maa...heheh,btw,nice entry

  13. devon is missing her fren!where s he????tok2...jaer!jaer!monink dear!