Monday, October 18, 2010

Age, taste, music...

When one ages, one's taste changes.
Remember the first time you tasted wine or beer?
My first time was when I was 8, and when those 
things went touched my tongue, I went
"Why the hell adults torture themselves like that? They taste awful!" 

Then the teenage days came and once more...
the beer and wine along with some other extras
namely vodka, whiskey, gin etc., came to visit my tongue.
But this time around, they suddenly taste... well, not that bad.
In fact you'd begin to like it...

Same goes for music...
When I was young, my dad would listen to Eagles and sing Beatles
while doing the laundry. Then, it was really annoying. What... I was
young for God's sake which young Malaysian kid would know
how to appreciate Beatles. Now... I listen to more Weezer than
Flo Rida .
So I decided to remind you guys about some of the greatest entertainers
that are not so active lately but you've got to admit that they've got really
good music. And they ain't dead yet...

Yes the Armageddon boys. Their hit song "I don't wanna miss a thing" which
is also the theme song for the famous movie "Armageddon".
Actually I think it's because of the song that the movie is so famous, dont'cha

Sir Elton John 
Yes I know he's gay. So what? He can sing. One of the more famous work 
of his would be the "Rocketman". There are also others that may be familiars 
to your ears such as "Candle in the wind", "Can you feel the love tonight" etc.
But my personal favorite would be "Saturday Night's Alright for Fighting". 
Watch the live version on YouTube, you'd wish you were there.

Next up, these guys. Does the song "Lips of an angel" ring any bell? That's 
one of their hits. Of course they have other well known singles such as 
"Without you". Well I only listen to two of these, you might wanna 
Google for more. 

Ok... this particular band here, I don't really listen to them but one 
of their song's kinda cool. "Beverly hills" is that particular song I mentioned.
Trust me, if you're not a teenager, you'll hate this, but if you're at least 14...
then I guess you'll enjoy it.

Goo Goo Dolls 
And my favorite, the Goo Goo Dolls. Love their song from the 
movie "City of Angels" which is "Iris". And also "Better days" which
is also simply fantastic. Do check them out, I know you guys have heard of them.. 

But nowadays youngsters are all going K-pop. I wonder why?    
Maybe it's just because I don't listen to things I don't understand...


  1. ahh..gotta agree with on the drinking part..
    i first tasted a cigga when i was 8 y/o..
    my dad said..if u like it now..u can start smoking..if u dun.u dun smoke for ur whole life..=D
    and i did not like it..HAHA

  2. Honestly, i don't see the music side in K-Pop. Its just pure dancing and fair & good looking people.

    Interesting blog you have btw. Add one follower to your blog. =)

    And and i went Langkawi during May, you can check out what's nice from my May's posts.

  3. hey Jae, hopping through :)

  4. Lols...I have a young heart but an old soul^^ been loving oldies since young and still do, but i also love new music ^^

  5. hey ya...I'm so outdated d...I dont know most of the songs by the artists that you've listed

  6. love them all!!! and ya, what's with all the k-pop obsession? other than fancy hair and clothes, they can't really sing live.