Thursday, April 8, 2010

Erhemmm!!! Now....

Just another hectic day in school. Running around 
trying to make history while struggling with my studies.
*Tch*, Always trying to rush things, trying to accomplish
the impossible in a short time....  

 Sometimes I do have thoughts of flunking S.P.M. (Public exams in Malaysia).
But the other part of ME is shouting: " YOU'VE GOTTA BE CRAZY!!"
*sigh* People say being an adult is difficult, so if being a student is difficult,
I think I'll probably die at 21.....

Answer this, why is being successful and 
better than the rest is so important to me??

Why can't I just live with the fact that I need time to grow, 
take it one step at a time?? Wouldn't it be great if we, humans 
can control our emotions and change our personality as easy 
as lifting our fingers??

Well... maybe it's just the way I think.... 
and it's only time that I need.... 

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